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Oh the beautiful ironies one sees in the Bible Belt… (Full size here)


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Mother Teresa, or Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhui as was her birth name, “was a fraud, fanatic and fundamentalist” according to Christopher Hitchens, and I definitely agree with him.

She was a demagogue and obscurantist, who did very little to help the impoverished of the world as she and the Catholic Church so portrayed her work. She took from the rich to facilitate the Catholic agenda across the world, whilst convincing the less fortunate that poverty and suffering were virtuous and greatly needed attributes to become closer with Jesus. Thus, she became obsessed with suffering and poverty. The Pope might as well have put a hungry wolf in charge of protecting his flock of sheep…

She fought viciously against abortion, contraception and the empowerment of women. Three things that would undoubtedly have worked to lift many of the world’s inhabitants out of the depths of poverty. However, that clearly wasn’t her message or agenda.

For her work this evil woman won the nobel peace prize alongside 124 different international prizes… She reportedly raised more than 50 million dollars on her worldly travels, taking money from the rich to ‘give back to the poor’. It wasn’t above her to take money from criminals either, she took 1 million dollars from Charles Keating, who ripped off 21,000 old folk of their life savings. For this he received a personal crucifix from Teresa as well as her serving as a character witness in his trial. (When asked if she’d return the money she received from Keating, Teresa never replied.)

So where’d all this money go anyway? Well surprise surprise, it never made it to the hands of those poor, such as the 100s of deathly indians on the floor of her “Home for the Dying” in Calcutta. Where did it go? Take one guess. Straight into the Vatican’s pocket.

Home for the Dying

That’s right. The majority of all her funds was spent on religious activities, not on the poor at all. Unless you regard opening more than 100s of convents in numerous countries around the world, where you teach the poor and destitute to ‘forgive’ and accept suffering as a path to heaven, as giving them back wealth. Well the wealth that was taken from these people in the first place… More sickening is the fact that about half of these convents in Teresa’s organisation are used as homes for nuns and brothers, not for the poor or sick.

It was never about helping the poor, helping the destitute. Who knows how many could have survived and enjoyed a healthy life if they were given decent medical treatment, instead of a daily dose of prayer. Teresa and her Catholic hoard of nuns, as well as her reverent followers, used these impoverished people like a fat person uses MacDonalds, for personal gratification. It always was, and still is, all about the Western World patting themselves on the back for the ‘charity’ handed out by religious organisations, whilst really doing nothing to help anyone. It was a morale boost, nothing more. As pious bedfellows, we used her to make ourselves feel like we cared, like we were helping others. And she used us to raise money for the Catholic Church, and to spread its influence and increase its power. It seems everyone BUT the poor got something out of the arrangement. All the while she was considered a ‘living saint’ and was put on the fast-track to canonisation by Pope John Paul II for her not-so-charitable work.

The poor and destitute have merely been used as kindling, thrown ever so hastily into the furnace to fuel the ravenous fire that is ‘religious charity’. Anyone who condones such efforts like that of ‘Mother’ Teresa should be ashamed of themselves, the Catholic Church, and of her.

Both she and the Catholic church have the pain, suffering and blood of countless people on their hands. If there is a hell, I would hope she was enjoying its luxuries well.

I think the church back in my home town got the maths wrong on their billboard. It’s “Good + God = 0″.

Christopher Hitchen’s Hell’s Angel: ‘Mother’ Teresa documentary.

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Here’s a great news article by ABC on Rick Perry’s book “Fed Up!”.

Man Rick Perry is such a hypocrite… Like so many politicians everywhere, he says one thing then does the complete opposite. (see Tony Abbott on a price on carbon for an Australian equivalent)

He said the states should be able to determine whether gay marriage is legalised or not, then last Friday he signed a pledge supporting a federal amendment defining marriage.

He said the Supreme Court should overturn Roe v. Wade and allow states to determine the legality of abortion. Then last week he ditched that principle and signed an anti-abortion pledge working to federally end abortion.

He’s all ‘small government’ one minute and totalitarian/fascist government the next… What on earth does he want? Pick one or the other and save up your integrity at the very least. What a clown.

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Bob Katter’s Australian Party has shown that it will no longer accept any candidates who support gay marriage of who don’t uphold “Christian values”.

MP Bob Katter

Following the recent merging of the Queensland Party and Katter’s Australian Party candidates now have to subscribe to no less than 21 core values and principles. Within the core values is a statement saying marriage should only be between a man and a woman, and that the Australian society and government should be based on Christian values.

“There’s 21 core values and principles in this party and if the candidates don’t agree to those then there’s no point in them joining with a party that they fundamentally disagree with,” Queensland Party’s leader Mr McLindon has stated.

One former Queensland Party candidate James has already been turned by Katter’s Australian Party following the merger after asking for clarification on its stance on gay marriage, abortion and surrogacy.

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Ron Paul answers a question from a medical cannabis patient, and boy does he have the right idea, not just on cannabis but drugs in general. This is something I would never have thought I’d hear coming from the lips of a conservative Republican.

He is a Christian. He is pro-life. Contrary to popular belief though he DOES believe in evolution, though so many claim he doesn’t… WRONG! He does, and in his most recent book ‘Liberty Defined’ he discusses evolution. He says there’re many theories of evolution and he ascribes to evolution as a mechanism used by God to create man. (As an atheist clearly I disagree with this, but that’s irrelevant here.)

Anyway, though he is a Christian he’s also a libertarian and would never push his personal beliefs, his religious ideology, onto anyone else. Especially not in the form of the state if he were president. For instance, he states openly that he is against the Government having anything to do with marriage. If two people want to be together he has no opposition to that at all. He thinks marriages should stay in churches for those who care. The same goes for his view stance on abortion. He IS pro-life, however, he would never allow the Government to legislate whether or not others were able to get an abortion. He may believe it’s wrong, but the fact that he’d never force others to adhere to his personal beliefs is why I have so much respect for him, especially because he’s a conservative Christian Republican.

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Rick Perry, a presidential candidate from the Republican Party says if he were voted in as president that he would change the US Constitution. He’s stated about 7 changes he’d make, the 6th and 7th are the most shocking for a secular, humanist atheist such as myself… He’d outlaw gay marriage, and on top of that he’d outlaw abortion, both over all 50 states in America.

Keep up the good work mate, you’re definitely winning all the fair-minded voters support! I still find it astounding that these Republican presidential candidates, Rick Perry alongside Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, muster so much support behind them. Christians so often to claim to be the most loving, caring and tolerant people in the world, clearly that’s anything but the truth in the US if these people are the pick of the bunch for the position of president.

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