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This is an amazing documentary that has its makers go undercover behind enemy lines in North Korea while being disguised as an eye surgeon’s medical assistants. It tells the tale of probably the most isolated country and people in the world. So much suffering… and the people worshipped Kim Jong-Il for it all the more!

It’s amazing how a totalitarian communist regime in concert with a sick form of deism–with their leader considered a living God–has turned millions upon millions of people into brainwashed slaves, many of which are starving to death on a daily basis.¬†An example: the average 7-year-old child from North Korea is 20cm shorter than his 7-year-old counterpart in South Korea. Both share the same genetics as they’re the same race, they have the same diet, however, children in North Korea are incredibly malnourished.

Their recently deceased leader had banned all interaction with the outside world, including the internet, cellphones and effectively anything made outside of Korea, especially in America. However, living in the depths of hypocrisy Kim Jong-Il had tens of thousands of dollars in movies, and has spent even more on lavished foreign cars and fine cognac wines… What a joke.

And here’s another documentary on North Korea. I’ll have to watch it tomorrow, but if anyone else has the time now go here.


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