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According to a recent article in Now Lebanon an Egyptian muslim leader, Salafist Sheikh, has concluded and announced that women’s faces should effectively be treated like vaginas when it comes to being covered:

What is a veil? A veil is what covers the woman’s face. Therefore the woman’s face is like her vagina.

What claptrap. This kind of ultra-conservative attitude just perpetuates the needless separatism between the sexes, as well as shame and oppression of sexuality. Body parts are only as taboo as any given society or culture deems them to be. Native Australians and Africans for innumerable centuries donned little more than a mammal skin around their waist at the best of times, yet remained cohesive societies that survived through millennia after millennia. Until modern day conservative Christian missionaries force fed them Adam’s apple, bestowing upon them the unnecessary shame and insecurity they so proudly carry and proselytise.

I find it hard to believe these ancient and more apparel-relaxed peoples would have persisted for as long as they did if each and every man surged with an unquenchable thirst for rape and violence anytime he spotted a woman’s hair, neck, face, or breast (God forbid).

It’s just one more sexist and dogmatic meme that allows religious societies, and more specifically the men within them, to control the sexuality of the ‘lower’ sex, not to mention their own insecurities and fears.


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