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I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit of a sci-fi junky. It comes in waves though as a great majority of TV series and films out there are complete garbage. I’m the kind of person who needs to almost be fooled into accepting the premises and technology, etc of these shows as at the very least plausible. However, yes almost every premise or piece of technology in these sorts of things, when you really look into it turns out to be cemented in the realm of fiction. But that’s not the point, as I said. I like to be fooled into at least thinking about it, and if you’re driven to look into it and learn about it, etc, then the show or movie has done it’s duty aptly!

I’d probably throw Stargate up as my no. 1 favourite TV show, and movie wise… it’s never easy, but maybe the original Matrix film, or the latest Star Trek film or Inception.

Anyway, here comes a new TV series that looks interesting at least from a first glance. It’s called Terra Nova and like most things made by or affiliated with Steven Spielberg it has dinosaurs in it… WOOOO!

The reason I think it’s going to be a must watch, at least for me, is because it’s shot here in Australia in QLD! Thankfully, Spielberg vetoed filming in Hawaii as was preposed, but he’d had enough of that from Jurassic Park (1993). They also have millions to throw at this thing, so you know production is going to be impressive. Apparently each episode has a $4 million budget…!! With 250 sets already having been constructed! JESUS!

Anyway, here’s the preview for the show. Let me know what you think!

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According to a recent study/survey carried out by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation a great deal of Australians are confusing science fact with science fiction.

“This survey has confirmed that willingly or not, we believe in science fiction movies more than we realise,” said Rod Dowler of the ANSTO.

The findings showed some striking errs in belief including more than 75% of Australians believing life had been found on Mars, and 45% believing that human cryogenics, the freezing and later resurrection of human beings, was currently possible. Furthermore, only 25% of Australians knew that growing a human eye in a dish was a scientifically possible, as are flying cars, which 44% of us correctly believed. I’m also happy to state that 90% of the surveyed understood that time travel was still very much science fiction.

However, clearly as technology and society continues to evolve the boundaries of science fact are ever encroaching on science fiction. Bring on teleportation I say!

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