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I’m just came across this video created by Daveo Mathias and the Church of Scientology on http://www.reddit.com/ and thought I’d share it as it gave me a laugh.

I love how a few of the legit Scientologists in the clip start proclaiming that Scientologists are just good people doing good things and are always found in places where natural/unnatural disasters have just happened. But who else are there? People of every other religion no doubt, not to mention the irreligious. So what’s you’re point?


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Today I learned that Wikipedia banned the Church of Scientology from editing any of the site’s articles relating to the controversial religion. This occurred back in 2009 after a huge spout of repeated and deceptive edits made to numerous articles to hide the truths behind the ultra-secretive church.

In a 10-1 ruling Thursday, the site’s arbitration council voted to ban users coming from all IP addresses owned by the Church of Scientology and its associates, and further banned a number of editors by name.

The individuals were banned for 6 months, after which they will be allowed to edit things as long as they play by Wikipedia’s rules.

You’d think if they believed so whole-heartedly in their doctrine and claims then they’d have no reason to hide it… Even though Christians believe in some 2000 year old dude who could turn water in to wine, cure illnesses with his touch, and even died and came back to life and ascended to heaven, at least they’re open about it.

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The Church of Scientology has said that it will take on board the recommendations from the Fair Work Ombudsman that it complies with the Fair Work Act.

No doubt this was a last resort after attempting to play the “we’re a religion” card, and thus shouldn’t have to comply with the Fair Work Act. However, ombudsman Nicholas Wilson has said that he wasn’t persuaded by this argument at all. Sorry guys, the Fair Work Act applies to anyone who’s working, whether or not their dodgy employers have to pay tax to the government… The fact is that the workers still do out of their own pay, as well as receive things such as work cover and superannuating. Unfortunately 9-10% of your income put away into superannuation doesn’t amount to much, even after a lifetime, if one has a $10/wk paycheque.

The church has also countered accusations with the idiot card too… “They’re volunteers”. What volunteer is going to work a 50 hour week for nothing? One such ‘volunteer’ was reported to have received only 7 days off in 4 years!? On top of that, if they were all just volunteers then why were they receiving any pay at all? You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Mr Wilson stated that documents that had been examined clearly contradicted this idiotic claim:

In particular, witness evidence indicates that significant hours of work were imposed on workers. Further evidence indicates a significant level of control and direction was applied to workers by more senior church members who held positions of authority.

The church has put their legal team on the offensive, releasing this statement, saying the media’s portrayal of the situation has been grossly misleading and that all the complainants were not employees and instead only volunteers.

Bullshit… Do the right thing and pay up you rich trickster scumbags.

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Protestor dressed as Xenu outside Sydney's Church of Scientology

It’s come to surface recently that the Church of Scientology has been grossly underpaying its staff members in Australia. The Australian government might soon force them to pay out millions in past wages to former and current members who were forced to work for very little or even free.

Several former members blew the whistle to the Australian labor officials claiming they’d be underpaid if paid at all for the last 10 years or so. According to Channel 9’s A Current Affair some workers were being paid a mere $50 a week, with one female worker on this wage receiving a total of 7 days off in the past 4 years! The Herald Sun reported that some workers were receiving as little as $2 a week for full time work, and thus had to rely on welfare to get by. Clearly it’s no surprise as to why the church is so wealthy when a sizeable portion of its workforce are slave labour…!

The Fair Work Ombudsman has been looking into the matter for the past year and a half and will release findings soon. Insiders also stated that the church had avoided paying staff for so long that it could lead to the church’s bankruptcy in its Australian branch. We can only hope…!

The Church of Scientology refused to respond to A Current Affair‘s story stating that:

We will not be commenting on a possible legal action being launched against the Church of Scientology.

In relation to the current inquiry before the Fair Work Ombudsman:
All religious work for the Church of Scientology is done by volunteers in religious service helping others. Engaging in community work such drug education; literacy and numeracy programs; pastoral care; human rights promotion and disaster relief are also manifestations of our religious beliefs. These volunteers also work regular jobs and donate their time to the Church for no other purpose than helping others.

The Church fully supports its core religious order and pays all accommodation, food, transport and medical costs of its clergy whilst providing a small stipend weekly for personal items. This is in keeping with the practices concerning clergy of the other major faiths.

Tens of thousands of charities and religions in Australia rely upon the generosity of their volunteers who give their time to help others, be that of a secular or religious nature. The Church of Scientology was declared a bona fide religion by the High Court of Australia in 1983.

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