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In my humble opinion, the biggest problem in the US currently– and I’m sure a great deal of you will undoubtedly agree with me– is the level of extreme religiosity in the ranks of its government. The only thing that could probably hold a candle to it would be the countries economic issues surrounding the corruption and greed of the 1% and their corporations that have been ‘too big to fail’ (lol mmmm…).

Today we have people like this idiot John Hagee asking that atheists leave the USA if they’re not happy with the country. “They’re not wanted and won’t be missed”.

He also recites the mantra that ‘the US was built by Christians and is a Christian nation’, blah blah blah… Complete and utter bullshit. The founding fathers, some of whom I believe were Christian and some of whom were most assuredly atheists, were irrefutably secular–but clearly you’d have to have read the constitution to know that– and wanted in no way, shape or form for a religion, any religion (yeah that includes Christianity) to be able to muscle its way into government and gain advantage or power over any other religion or lack there of.

I hate these kinds of complete and utter morons who blatantly lie, to themselves as well as their unlucky ignorant followers, about reality in order to control others and gain power and wealth.

Imagine if all atheists did leave the US? You think it would be in better shape than it is currently? HA!

By the way, what a Christian message right? “If you don’t agree with us leave our country!” Then they’ll tear up in the following breath about Christians being persecuted in predominantly Islamic countries…

For any atheists in the US who intent to head John Hagee’s advice and decides to leave the country, please come to Australia! The more atheists we get here the better.


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Massive fan of this song now. I heard it a few days ago on Triple J (alternative music Australian radio station) as they were featuring Cosmo Jarvis’s latest album ‘Bigger Thinker‘.

There’re some beautiful lyrics in this song, my favourite of which are:

If I believe in heaven I deny myself a death. Dying keeps me conscious of the way I waste my breath.

So have a listen and let me know what you think!

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A 30-year-old civil servant named Alexander An may face prison time simply for coming out on Facebook as an atheist and stating, “God doesn’t exist.”

He was apparently have an argument with other locals from his town on Facebook about religion, and later dozens of locals stormed into his place of work and bashed him. What’s even worse is that the police showed up and arrested him!?

He now faces trial for “suspicion of blasphemy against Islam,” and faces a jail term of up to 5-years.

I find it abysmal and disgusting that any country have anti-blasphemy laws. To me it seems completely contradictory. To put laws in place in order to protect your God from mere words, as if he can’t protect himself, should surely be seen as blasphemous in and of itself!? Moreover, the fact that you think you have to protect your religion by law from blasphemy kind of discredits the validity of your religion, not to mention suggests you have some serious insecurities about your faith as well.

Meanwhile, the religious in Indonesia will hold demonstrations asking for their religious freedom to be respected. I think if you want to have freedom of religion, you should also be able to have freedom from religion.

The Western World needs to start offering asylum to people who are persecuted for being atheists, such as Alexander An. If these countries don’t want rational, clear thinking individuals, then we’ll bloody take them! Maybe we should start a campaign for ‘Adopting Atheist Blasphemers‘?

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Anytime a theists is offended by your comments if you’re an atheist, you should show them this!

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