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I finally got together with the Imaginary Friends Show podcast guys, Jake Farr-Wharton and Gregg Savage, and took part in destroying the 100th episode with crass atheist and non-atheist related humour.

So if you’ve a spare 60 or so minutes to kill and honestly have nothing going on, what better way to waste an hour of your life than listening to the 100th ep!

Here it is! Stream it online or download it.


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Here’s the latest podcast episode from The Imaginary Friends Show where Jake and I answer a listener’s question regarding the evolution of homosexuality.

Thanks to the listener, David, who wrote in to ask “why doesn’t natural selection explain homosexuality?” We answered your question, we answered the heck out of it. Then we answered it some more. Enjoy.

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Here’s the latest podcast episode of The Imaginary Friends Show that I appeared on. I sit down with Gregg and Jake and speak about the soul, intelligence, e-people, space and the future of humanity.

Episode 77 – I can’t believe he’s not fatter!

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The live Imaginary Friends Show podcast went really well! Cheers to everyone who came. For those who didn’t I’ll chuck up a few photos on here and on FB when Jake throws them up. Hopefully Think Inc. will be good fun tomorrow. Early start at 830am woooo 😀

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Looking forward to Think Inc. this Sunday! It’ll be awesome to finally see people like Michael Shermer, Cristina Rad, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the flesh. Hitchens too though it’ll be via video feed.

The podcast I’m involved with The Imaginary Friends Show is going to be covering the event. We’ll be holding interviews with a number of these speakers, and we are also doing a live show tomorrow, Saturday 17th of September, at the 1000 pound bend cafe. Starts at 530pm.

I’ll leave you with this video blog by Cristina Rad. Pretty funny stuff!

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